AY24 Academic Catalog/Handbook

Business Management

OFTC’s Business Management programs include sequences of courses that prepare students for careers in today’s technology-driven workplaces. The skills students acquire in this program help them secure a job and advance in the field. Students obtaining a business management degree will be able to enter the work force with the skills necessary to supervise others, decide the daily priorities of the business, delegate projects, and coordinate teams to meet the goals of the organization.

Program Advisors:

Lisa Binns
Business Management Instructor
B.B.A., Savannah State University
M.B.A., Walden University



Stan Lawson, Ed.D.

Division Chair Business Services, Accounting/Business Management Instructor

A.A., East Georgia College, B.B.A., Georgia Southern University, M.B.A., Georgia College and State University, Ed.D., University of Georgia